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Rosemary's Baby (1968)

4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray

2h 17m · 10/10/2023


Possibly the best horror film ever made, this brilliant adaptation of Ira Levin’s best-selling novel is the story of a loving young New York City couple who are expecting their first child. Like most first-time mothers, Rosemary (Mia Farrow) experiences confusion and fear. Her husband (John Cassavetes), an ambitious but unsuccessful actor, makes a pact with the devil that promises to send his career skyward. Director Roman Polanski elicits uniformly extraordinary performances from the all-star cast. Ruth Gordon won an Oscar® for her performance as an oversolicitous next-door neighbour in this classic chiller.

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United States



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Mia Farrow

Rosemary Woodhouse

John Cassavetes

Guy Woodhouse

Ruth Gordon

Minnie Castevet

Sidney Blackmer

Roman Castevet

Maurice Evans


Ralph Bellamy

Dr. Sapirstein

Victoria Vetri

Terry (as Angela Dorian)

Patsy Kelly


Elisha Cook Jr.

Mr. Nicklas (as Elisha Cook)

Emmaline Henry

Elise Dunstan

Charles Grodin

Dr. Hill

Hanna Landy

Grace Cardiff

Phil Leeds

Dr. Shand (as Philip Leeds)

D'Urville Martin


Hope Summers

Mrs. Gilmore

Marianne Gordon

Rosemary's Girl Friend

Wende Wagner

Rosemary's Girl Friend (as Wendy Wagner)

Toby Adler

Lady on Yacht (uncredited)

Rutanya Alda

Dr. Hill's Answering Service (voice) (uncredited)

Bill Baldwin

Salesman (uncredited)

Walter Baldwin

Mr. Wees (uncredited)

Roy Barcroft

Sun-Browned Man (uncredited)

Charlotte Boerner

Mrs. Fountain (uncredited)

Gail Bonney

Babysitter (voice) (uncredited)

Yvonne Bouvier

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Carol Brewster

Claudia Comfort (uncredited)

Lynn Brinker

Sister Veronica (uncredited)

Sebastian Brook

Argyron Stavropoulos (uncredited)

William Castle

Man by Pay Phone (uncredited)

Florence Clayton

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Gordon Connell

Allen Stone - Guy's Agent (uncredited)

Patricia Ann Conway

Mrs. John F. Kennedy (uncredited)

Pearl S. Cooper

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Roger Creed

Mason (uncredited)

Jane Crowley

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Tony Curtis

Donald Baumgart (voice) (uncredited)

Joyce Davis

Dee Bertillon (uncredited)

Paul Denton

Skipper (uncredited)

Charles Drubin

Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Alphonso DuBois

Painter (uncredited)

Duke Fishman

Man (uncredited)

Janet Garland

Nurse (uncredited)

Jamie Simone Gomez

Pedro (uncredited)

Ann Graeff

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

William Graeff

Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

John Halloran

Mechanic (uncredited)

Ernest Harada

Young Japanese Man (uncredited)

Marilyn Harvey

Dr. Sapirstein's Receptionist (uncredited)

Jean Inness

Sister Agnes (uncredited)

Al Jepson

Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Ray Johnson

Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Irene Kelly

Woman at Party (uncredited)

Jack Knight

Investigating Patrolman (uncredited)

Mona Knox

Mrs. Byron (uncredited)

Michael Larrain

Ted Wendell (uncredited)

Louise Lawson

Portia Haynes (uncredited)

Craig Littler

Jimmy (uncredited)

Ken Luber

Man at Party (uncredited)

Lorna Luce

Woman at Party (uncredited)

Donna Mantoan

Woman at Party (uncredited)

Natalie Masters

Young Woman (uncredited)

Martin Meyers

Man at Suicide Scene (uncredited)

Svetlana Mischoff

Woman at Party (uncredited)

Elmer Modlin

Young Man (uncredited)

Floyd Mutrux

Man at Party (uncredited)

Geoffrey Norman

Mike (uncredited)

Patricia O'Neal

Mrs. Wees (uncredited)

Robert Osterloh

Mr. Fountain (uncredited)

Josh Peine

Man at Party (uncredited)

Gale Peters

Rain Morgan (uncredited)

Benito Prezia

Renato (uncredited)

Jack Ramage

Patron (uncredited)

Joan T. Reilly

Pregnant Woman (uncredited)

George R. Robertson

Lou Comfort (uncredited)

William Roderick

Scott (uncredited)

George Savalas

Workman (uncredited)

Almira Sessions

Mrs. Sabatini (uncredited)

Naga Seversen

Woman at Party (uncredited)

Michael Shillo

Pope (uncredited)

Bruno Sidar

Mr. Gilmore (uncredited)

Tom Signorelli

Man at the Party (uncredited)

Michael Stark

Man at Party (uncredited)

Cathy Steele

Lady on Yacht (uncredited)

Al Szathmary

Taxi Driver (uncredited)

Clay Tanner

Devil (uncredited)

Sharon Tate

Party Guest (uncredited)

Viki Vigen

Lisa (uncredited)

Eleanore Vogel

Woman in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Max Wagner

Man in Dream Sequence (uncredited)

Robert Whaley

Uncle Mike (uncredited)

Frank White

Hugh Dunstan (uncredited)

Adele Wynn

Carole Wendell (uncredited)

Roman Polanski


Ira Levin


Roman Polanski

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