The Incident (1967)

Drama/Crime/Suspense/Thriller · 1h 47m

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The Incident The Incident (1967 film).jpg Theatrical release poster Directed by Larry Peerce Produced by Edward Meadow Monroe Sachson Screenplay by Nicholas E. Baehr Starring Victor Arnold Robert Bannard Beau Bridges Ruby Dee Robert Fields Jack Gilford Mike Kellin Ed McMahon Gary Merrill Donna Mills Tony Musante Brock Peters Thelma Ritter Martin Sheen Jan Sterling Diana Van der Vlis Music by Charles Fox Terry Knight Cinematography Gerald Hirschfeld Edited by Armond Lebowitz Production company Moned Associated Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date November 5, 1967 Running time 107 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $1,050,000[1] The Incident is a 1967 American neo-noir thriller film written by Nicholas E. Baehr (based on his teleplay Ride with Terror, which had been previously adapted as a 1963 television film) and directed by Larry Peerce. The film stars Tony Musante and Martin Sheen (in his first film role) as two street hoods who terrorize 14 passengers sharing a New York City subway car, played by an ensemble cast that includes Beau Bridges, Ruby Dee, Jack Gilford, Ed McMahon, Gary Merrill, Donna Mills, Brock Peters, Thelma Ritter, and Jan Sterling.

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United States

Production Company

Moned Associated


Person Photo

Tony Musante

Joe Ferrone
Person Photo

Martin Sheen

Artie Connors
Person Photo

Beau Bridges

Pfc. Felix Teflinger
Person Photo

Brock Peters

Arnold Robinson
Person Photo

Ruby Dee

Joan Robinson
Person Photo

Jack Gilford

Sam Beckerman
Person Photo

Thelma Ritter

Bertha Beckerman
Person Photo

Ed McMahon

Bill Wilks
Person Photo

Diana Van der Vlis

Helen Wilks
Person Photo

Mike Kellin

Harry Purvis
Person Photo

Jan Sterling

Muriel Purvis
Person Photo

Gary Merrill

Douglas McCann
Person Photo

Robert Fields

Kenneth Otis
Person Photo

Robert Bannard

Pfc. Phillip Carmatti
Person Photo

Victor Arnold

Tony Goya
Person Photo

Donna Mills

Alice Keenan
Person Photo

Kathleen Smith

Wilks' Daughter
Person Photo

Henry Proach

Person Photo

Neal Hynes

Change Booth Attendant
Person Photo

Ben Levi

Man Who Gets Mugged
Person Photo

Marty Meyers

Pool Hall Owner
Person Photo

Don De Leo

Mr. Carmatti
Person Photo

Ted Lawrie

Person Photo

John Servetnik

Person Photo

Ray Cole

Young Man #1
Person Photo

Barry Del Rae

Young Man #2
Person Photo

Nico Hartos

Person Photo

Maxine McCrey

Negro Woman
Person Photo

Nina Hansen

Mrs. Carmatti
Person Photo

Larry Peerce

Person Photo

Nicholas E. Baehr

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The Incident

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